Groundhog® Butterfly Valve & Indicator Post - Style G

Groundhog® Butterfly Valve & Indicator Post - Style G

The Pratt UL listed Groundhog butterfly valve and Style G indicator post provides an economical and reliable assembly for use in buried service fire protection lines. It provides easy to see valve position indication from 300 feet away and tight shut off in the service line when required.

Also makes an excellent yard valve for water treatment plant applications.


  • Meets AWWA Standard C504 for rubber seated butterfly valves
  • Bubble-tight shut off
  • No exercising required
  • Seat on body design
  • Compact Size
  • Wrench Handle Shear Pin Construction: Specially designed with shear pin construction to eliminate over torqueing.
  • Secure from Tampering and Inclement Weather: With a padlock in place, the top cover cannot be opened, thus securing the inner workings against tampering and the elements.
  • Easy Installation: Install the valve, cut the inner barrel and shaft extension to desired length, position over the 2" square operator nut and backfill.
  • Rugged Operators: Pratt traveling nut operators can be relied upon to maintain exact valve position under specified design flow conditions. Stop-limiting devices are capable of withstanding 450 ft/lbs. of input torque.
  • Optimal Butterfly Valve Design: The Pratt® butterfly valve is the heart of our fire protection product line. It’s UL listed, and built to AWWA standards. Invented by Pratt, the resilient seated butterfly valve is widely used in water distribution where its intrinsic design benefits and superior performance have long been recognized.
  • Rated Working Pressure: 
    • 4" – 12" – 175 PSI
    • 14" – 48" – 150 PSI


  • 4”–48” Flanged 150B MDT Actuator Submittal Drawing (GA-11602)
  • 4”-48” Mechanical Joint 150B MDT Actuator Submittal Drawing (GA-11603)
  • General Arrangement BFV Indicator Post Style G Submittal Drawing (GA-11601)